About Us

We are an established General Construction Company primarily involved in the commercial, light industrial, & institutional building sector of the construction industry. We perform work from full scale supply and installation of foundations, concrete buildings, wood frame buildings, and steel buildings to minor and major renovations for the commercial industry. We are a Steelway Building Systems Dealership which enables us to provide customers with a quality steel building designed to their specification. We have completed numerous design/build projects involving buildings in the 3000 sq. ft. to 10,000 sq. ft. range. We pride ourselves in our professionalism and quality workmanship providing our customers with the best possible service and product.

What We Do

Building Construction

Building Renovations

Custom Design


Concrete Foundations

Only the Best


Eco Friendly Construction

We strive to minimise any disturbance to the local & global environment as well as comply fully with all relevant statutory regulations.


High Quality Material

We pride ourselves in using highly dependent material.  We expect only the best from our suppliers.


Competitive Pricing

Our interest is having the best quality product at a competitive price.

Years Established

Completed Projects